So I have a confession… in an average month I probably think of 2-3 getaway trips I could take. Now, what I mean by think, is day-dream. I could spend hours daydreaming about  all the food I would taste, the new people I would meet, the sights I would see. In the end, thinking about what trips to take is a favorite pastime.

The week of Thanksgiving started no differently. Using one of my favorite apps, Hitlist, (download at the risk of being overwhelmed with wanderlust), I perused the latest flight deals and was astonished to see flights to Paris, London, Milan and Barcelona within the $500-$600 range. Immediately, my mind was filled with images of European cafes, chic winter outfits and an amazing start to 2017 and my 27th year. So instead of dismissing it, I asked my self, “Well why not?!”.

After psyching myself up to take this trip, reality began to set in as I thought about how I would afford it (but more on that later), regardless I knew I was going to this either by myself or with a friend. I’ll be honest, at first I wanted to travel buddy to go with me, but after a series of rejections from friends, I realized that not everyone can plan to leave the country in less than a month. Shocker right?

So I  began to tell myself, that I can do this trip solo. I did it when I went to Spain (granted I have family in Spain) but I could do this. After talking it out with some amazing office co-workers, I was ready. I was going to London!

Why London? Well, for starters they speak English, second I love Harry Potter, third I’m obsessed with the Netflix Original The Crown and lastly need I say anything about Downton Abbey? Not to mention that if I was going solo, it was rated one of the safest places to travel solo, as a female.

Thirty minutes later I get a text that says, “I’m down! When do we leave?”…. And that’s how I know we that I found the perfect travel buddy. In less than 24 hours, we booked our flight out of Miami to London, got an AMAZING price for it (think lower than what I mentioned above) and are ready to embark on an adventure!

I guess you can say I woke up and decided to do something completely random. The truth is, that’s kind of how I aspire to live my life, full of whimsy, surprises and love. I trust that I know when to take chances (no matter how crazy they can seem) and I trust that God will always have my back. Sometimes it can be as big as waking up and saying “why not” and then having one of my best gal pals say “why not” to a crazy request. So, what’s your “why not”?


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