7 Days Away

The best gift I have given myself is the gift of travel. Shortly after I graduated from UF, I rewarded myself by saving up money and heading to Spain for 3 weeks. Although I may not have graduated recently (but Skylar did!), I think its important to treat yourself!

With a week away, most of our travel plans are set.We will spend the majority of our time in England with a 2 day trip to Paris. We found some amazing money saving deals that I would recommend if you are trying to save money on a slightly longer getaway trip:

Hitlist: This app started it all! You can set it up with multiple airports and then search based on whether you want a weekend getaway, 10 day vacation, Caribbean Getaways, Week Vacations, etc. I seriously recommend it!

AirBnB: We found an amazing room available in Nottinghill. Split between the two of us, our lodging was about 50% less than that of a hotel.

EuroStar Snap: One of the fastest ways to get to another European city, in our case London, is through the Chunnel. When I looked into it, I have to admit that I was surprised that a one-way ticket cost between €80-100. Luckily, after doing some more research, I came across EuroStar Snap. The way that it works is that you select when you are leaving and tell them if you would like to depart/return in the morning or afternoon. That’s it. You can’t select a specific time. All that you know is that you have a guaranteed seat during one of the morning or afternoon departing trains. They will notify you 48 hours before your trip your actual departure time. Since we aren’t on a specific schedule or time crunch, it worked perfectly for us. Best part, the round-trip cost was less than €80! I’ll let you know how it goes!

Le Village Hostel Montmartre: We weren’t able to find an AirBnB deal we liked and when comparing prices, a hostel is actually pretty affordable. When I originally thought about a hostel, I imagined bunk beds, lockers, communal showers. Not exactly my thought of a relaxing environment. However, hostels are no longer like that. Sky and I booked a private, two single bed room with private bath. I’m excited to give the hostel stay a try. Not to mention it is within walking distance of Gard Du Nord, where our Eurostar arrives.

Overall, the big trips are planned but the details we will take day by day and I’m incredibly thankful for that. I’ve never been the one to plan out things by the hour and I think that’s what makes vacations fun.

Until the packing begins…



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