The day is here!

Well, it will be tomorrow. I am very happy to say that I am done packing! That’s right, you’re procrastinating packer is all done. Granted, me having to pack everything at once, because I was coming home, helped the situation. But, in all seriousness, packing was not that bad this time. Usually, packing result in two things:

One: I begin a week in advance and slowly start pulling things out of my closet which leads to a giant pile of clothes. Or…

Two: The taught of packing stresses me out that I avoid. This then causes me to stress pack, which equals over packing, which equals me sitting on top of a suitcase trying to close it.

This time around (I still had to sit on my suitcase), BUT, I strongly believe that everything I packed was useful. What made this so easy? Pinterest! I’ve never been much of a Pinterest person but Skylar created a “London” Board when we booked our trip and I found some very useful items there. So, below are some cool links that assisted me on my packing journey:

  • Winter Packing Light: I am far from a light packer, but this was a great visual aid to assist me in making sure I had the basics.
  • 10 Days in Vienna: This visual aid, gave me ideas of what fun accessories, colors and shoes I could bring.
  • Winter Travel by Polyvore: This one is just amazing. It gives you so many ideas and shows you all the different ways your outfits can go. It definitely inspired some cute outfit ideas and pushed me to pack somethings I usually wouldn’t.

Between these different visual boards I was able to decide what I needed and what I didn’t. The hardest things was accounting for the type of cold we would be experiencing. Many have said that London is a wet cold, similar to what I felt when I loved in South Carolina, this paired with Snow in Paris, could make for large wardrobe needs. I decided to go warmer and bring heavier coats, puffer jackets, various cold weather accessories and remove layers as needed.

So, with 24 hours left until we board the plane, I feel good about my packing situation. The last detail I need to consider is deciding how to best utilize my carry-on bag and personal item.

See y’all on the other side.


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