All Night

Days in London: One

Hours slept: Maybe one

Amount of exercise done: 15 minutes of carrying a 43 lb luggage up the stairs of the London Underground .…

Oh my goodness! Our first day in London is officially done and boy am I tired. We had a 24 hour travel day after some delays in Montreal and on top of that sleep because this elusive creature that I have yet to capture (even though sleep and I have been BFFs since I can remember). Then we had to lug our luggage up a few flight of stairs in the London Tube while trying to look like locals who have done this a hundred of times (that didn’t really work). So, needless to say, I have never been more excited to shower and lay in a bed.

Our AirBNB is seriousk in the cutest neighborhood and our host, she is just so sweet and so knowledgeable! Upon arriving we were immediately greeted with hugs and a set of extra hands to help carry the luggage. The loft itself is showered with immense natural light, from the indiviual bedrooms to the kitchen to the TV room, it is all so serene, light, calm and clean. The loft just makes you want to commit and say, I’ll right I’ll move in with you.

After getting some pro-tips from our host, Skylar and I went to Giraffe for lunch and it was delicious. After all the airport food, Skylar and I wanted something nutritious. With a Duck and Prawn Salad (Skylar’s order) and a Fallafel and Tabouleh naked burger, boy did Giraffe deliver. It was the perfect portion. It left you feeling satisfied without feeling like you were too full.

Afterwards we headed over to St. Paul’s Cathedral . After a few photos, we explored central London by heading over to Tate Modern Art museum. By journeying to the 10th floor of this building we caught an amazing sunset. We then proceeded to circle the river walk and see what London around the Thames was like.

By this point in time it was close to 6 pm (although it felt like it was 10pm) and we did not want to go back the Air BnB so after doing a little research we found The Churchill Arms pubs. It’s only a 15 minute walk from our airBnB and londoners rated it as their number one Pub in the area… and let me tell you, it was perfect.

We walked in and the pub was packed. They have this delicious Thai Restaurant in the back that had a 2 hour wait. Fortunately, 2 people were leaving and we were able to get a table at the bar. Since we had a table, we were able to order and avoid the line altogether. It was delicious and the perfect atmosphere. The best way to end a long day of travel and our first day in London.



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