Happy 2017!

Days in London: Four
Hours slept: 6?
Amount of exercise done: 24,129 steps

Today is the first day of 2017, the first day of a new year and for me, the first day of being 27.

As I sit here, watching BBC, wrapped in our AirBnB’s hostess, Jaana’s blanket, I can’t help but think BEST DAY EVER. I’m sure I’ve probably said that before, but today, my first day as a 27 year-old is one I will always remember.

Growing up, I always felt a personal responsibility to spend New Years Eve with my family. You see, we are pretty small and very close and the thought of not spending it with them, was so foreign, so impersonal. But last year, I wanted to try something new and I celebrated it with some amazing company.

For 2017, as I officially enter my late twenties (yikes!), I wanted to do something special, something that I am able to do at this point in my life and maybe won’t be able to do again. So here I am in London and I’m happy to report, it was everything I could have asked for.

When I woke up this morning, I immediately longed for the usual homemade breakfast that my mom made for my birthday. I was blessed to find out that Jaana planned a brunch for all of us. Together, Jaana, Virginia, Brian, Skylar and I toasted to the first day of the year. I ate so much! From scrambled fresh eggs with Thyme, smoked salmon, cheese platter, freshly pressed coffee, freshly baked bread and French Champagne, I couldn’t have asked for anything more. Upon finding out it was my birthday, Jaana arranged some left over pastries and cake from High Tea into a dessert platter. That way I can have cake for my birthday. Needless to say, I felt at home.

Although slightly misty, Skylar and I then walked over to Kensington Palace and then headed to Buckingham Palace. I loved the ability to get glimpses of history but mostly I loved the walk. You often hear about the famous London rain, and while no it wasn’t sunny and yes it was cold, there was something so peaceful about waking along Hyde Park. It’s not everyday that you get to slow down and just walk (at least it isn’t for me).

Following our historical and regal strolls, Skylar and I made our way to the final stop for the day: Hillsong London Church. Hillsong, is known among Christians for their powerful worship music. The ability to go to their church and worship Jesus to their music, was something Skylar and I couldn’t pass up.

Y’all it was amazing! Maybe it was because it was the first of the year, or the first day of being 27, or the fact that the worship music was amazing, or the opportunity to be in London, or maybe it was all three… but this was one of the best experiences.

Jesus was with us, in that packed theatre, He was there. He was with me. He is with me. He always has been.The message if he service was pretty simple, make 2017 the best year for God. Not for me, not for work, not for fitness but for Him.

So, as I write this, with a belly full of fish and chips, I realize that yes, this day was perfect. I spent it with a family of strangers that have been brought together for such a time as this, with an amazing friend who dedicated this day to me (thanks Sky!), in a beautiful city on the trip of a lifetime, and bursting full of the love and grace that is Jesus.


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