New Years Eve in London: Part 1

Days in London: 3
Hours Slept: 4-5?
Amount of physical activity: 29,652 steps

Boy! What a packed day we’ve had! After grabbing some smoothies and breakfast sandwiches at a local cafe, we began our day at the Tower of London. It was there that we marveled at the Crown Jewels and the lives of the English monarchy. I recently watched the Netflix series, The Crown, and while I’m sure it is not always historically accurate, it was so cool to have some context to what I was seeing.

One of the cool things about the Tower of London is the view. It is right next to Tower Bridge, which brings us to activity number two of the day. We did the Tower Bridge expedition and got to see panoramic views of the Thames east and west sides. You also get to look down and see the Thames and the street below. It was a cool experience!

Afterwards, we crossed over to the south side to take a tour of the Globe Theatre. It was in the way to the Globe that we stumbled upon the Christmas Market and Borough Market. The Christmas Marjet was full of artisinal items and delicious food, like the cheese sausage Skylar got. Once at Borough Market we discovered a ton more delicious meals, cheeses, meats, fruits, you name it! By this point I was hungry, so I picked one of the most popular spots and grabbed a burger from Northfield Kitchen. Known as the “Original Borough Market Burger”, this burger is made by hand at their farm. They use chuck steak and other lean cuts of beef and serve it on a locally made bun with delicious mixed leaves and fried onions. Now, I don’t like onions but one look at this and I couldn’t say no. Needless to say it was delicious. All manners and decorum went out the door as I sabores this yummy burger. I would definitely recommend it!

After these fun and unexpected pit stops, we made our way to the Globe Theatre. Our tour guy was absolutely phenomenal. Throughout the tour he provided factual information about the Globe and Shakespeare’s work while showcasing that famous British dry humor. It was cool to see someone’s passion for the work they did and supported.

This wrapped up our sightseeing and we headed back to the flat to prepare for New Years (check out my next post for more info).

But for now, adios to 2016 and hello 2017!


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