Days in London: Six (Oxford really)
Hours slept: 5
Amount of exercise done: 22,135 steps and a Pilates reformer class

We are on our way back to London from Paris. Yes, unfortunately it has taken me this long to update. But I’ll just chalk that up to having such packed and wonderful days!

Day 6 in London consisted of us traveling to Oxford with Virginia and Brian. But before that began, Skylar and I started he day with a workout! This time Skylar went to BarreCore and I went to Bootcamp Pilates. Mine was about further away so that morning I decided to ride a double decker to the studio (it was pretty cool!). Once I arrived at the studio there were about 6 Pilates reformer machines and 4 other people in the class. Now, this Pilates class was very different from the one I had taken before. This one consisted of using the reformer for resistance work. We worked our entire body. At one point when we began using weights, she bumped me up without even giving me a choice, because she said she could tell I was stronger. (The truth was I was just being a tad bit lazy and wanted to go lighter but I’m glad she increased my weights). The workout overall was fantastic. Afterwards she complemented me on my form and could tell I had a Pilates background (thanks Barre)!

It was a quick turn-around to get ready after the class but it was so worth it! We caught the Oxford Tube, which cost 14 pounds (cash only) round trip with a student ID and was a quick 8 minute walk from the flat. The 2 hour coach bus ride (with free wifi) consisted of beautiful English countryside scenery. Unfortunately, I fell asleep for the majority of it but what I did see was absolutely gorgeous!

Due to a high-emergency bathroom need (aka Virginia and I) we got off the Oxford tube by Christ Church (aka the great hall from Harry Potter) to find the nearest loo. This worked perfectly well because we decided to explore Christ Church. For a small entrance fee (discounted with a student ID) we were able to tour the grounds and take a look at Harry Potter’s Great Hall and learn more about the inspiration behind Alice in Wonderland. It was an absolutely gorgeous church and school.

Afterwards we were hungry so after asking one of the staff members at Christ Church, they recommended we walk down the street and we would come across a very English pub called The Chequers.

It was there that I ordered a beef pie with mushrooms, mash and fresh greens. I also tried a local IPA. The food was absolutely delicious! It was extremely well priced. I got a lot of food! It was a very quintessential English meal.

Once lunch was over we made our way to Oxford University and then crossed over to the Eagle and Child Pub. This Pub is where CS Lewis and would spend their days writing. Talk about being among some of the greatest minds.

After admiring the quaintness of the pub, we made our way over to Oxford Castle. While we did not have time to go on the guided tour, we paid one pound to climb The Mound. This gave us beautiful views of Oxford and provided us some great photographs.

Sadly, Skylar and I had to leave Oxford earlier than Brian and Virginia because we had a musical to watch! We made our way back to the Oxford Tube pick-up area and headed to London.

Once at the flat we quickly changed and headed to the Adelphi Theatre to see Kinky boots. We barely made it on time, but we did! And oh my goodness, Kinky Boots was absolutely amazing. I knew it had won a Tony but wasn’t sure what it was about. After watching it, I can honestly say I’m not surprised it won best musical. It was amazing!!

So with that, our day concluded and off we went to bed with Paris in sight.


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